Simply Thick Recall FAQ's

Q: Why Was Simply Thick Recalled?
A: SimplyThick products manufactured at the Thermo Pac, LLC plant in Stone Mountain, Georgia were voluntarily recalled because the FDA advised the company that Thermo Pac failed to file with the FDA a scheduled process to make sure that harmful bacteria was destroyed during the manufacturing process.

Q: How Can these Harmful Bacteria Affect My Child?
A: Exposure to bacteria is a possible risk factor for necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), an infection/irritation of the intestinal lining which typically affects premature infants and some newborns.

Q: How Do You Treat Necrotizing Enterocolitis?
A: Immediately contact your doctor. Normally, NEC demands immediate admittance to a hospital for specialized care. Affected children are fed via IV to allow time for the intestines to heal with the use of antibiotics to prevent or treat infection. Sometimes surgery is required to remove infected intestinal tissue.

Q: How Do I know If I Have Contaminated a Simply Thick Product?
A: The contaminated SimplyThick products are as follows:
All 15 g pouches
All 30 g pouches
Some 120 g pouches identified with a “TP” in the lot code stamped on the edge of the packet
Some 240 g pouches identified with a “TP” in the lot code stamped on the edge of the packet
Additional information on specific item numbers can be found on the FDA website.

Q: How Do I Know If My Child Has Been Affected By Contaminated Simply Thick?
A: Children may experience a bloated stomach, lack of bowel movements or increased frequency in bowel movements, green or discolored vomit, chronic abdominal pains, or other intestinal problems. However, a doctor needs to perform medical tests to determine the extent of injuries and determine the link to Simply Thick.


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