Onions Fight Mesothelioma

In a study recently published in the International journal of Molecular Medicine, Korean researchers found that a compound found in red onions can aid in the death of malignant plural mesothelioma cells. The compound, quercetin (QU) is also found in tea, red apples, and other fruits, vegetables, grains, and leaves.

In the Korean study, quercetin was injected into mesothelioma cells. The scientists found that the compound reduced “mesothelioma cell viability” and increased “apoptotic cell death”. Based on these findings, the researchers feel hopeful that this may become a future means of treating mesothelioma, in addition to more traditional treatments of chemotherapy and radiation.

Researchers found that a protein that plays an important role in tumor development in certain cancers, SP1, is suppressed by the introduction of QU. This led them to conclude that their findings “strongly suggest that SP1 be considered as a novel molecular target of Qu in human malignant pleural mesothelioma.”

Quercetin has also been tested as a potential means of breast cancer treatment. In a related study at Indiana University, researchers found that a botanical formula that contained quercetin reduced the size of breast cancer tumors and also helped prevent metastasis in laboratory mice.

While this new formula looks promising, future studies will need to be conducted to determine its true efficacy. If you would like to learn more about this or any other pending mesothelioma treatments, have a conversation with your doctor.