Mesothelioma Treatment Options - Find What's Right For You

Mesothelioma treatment options vary depending upon each individual case to medical professionals. The overall health, age of the patient and the extent of the disease are certainly determinants in the treatment formula. Particular therapies are often calculated by the intensity of damage caused by the cancer. Medical professionals use three staging systems for pleural mesothelioma. No staging system is used for peritoneal mesothelioma.

Over the years, a number of mesothelioma treatment options have been made available to mesothelioma patients. There are traditional treatments and alternative methods. There are also new treatment approaches and categories that are aimed to provide an increase in the quality of life to patients even though a diagnosis of mesothelioma is a fatal one. Almost all mesothelioma cancer patients find help by using a combination of available medications.

The traditional treatment methods involve surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The combinations of these aggressive treatments are determined by age, contributing health problems, or advanced stage of tumors. If the state of the patient will not warrant such harsh therapies in combination, alternative systems are used. But any patients falling into these categories now have new treatment approaches available to them such as research studies used to determine whether new drugs or treatments are safe and effective.

A combination of surgery with radiation and chemotherapy is referred to in the medical community as tri-modality therapy. A highly experimental treatment called photodynamic therapy is causing cells to become light sensitive using medication. Miscellaneous therapies for mesothelioma treatment options include immunotherapy, hemotherapy and intra-pleural interferon gamma therapy. Gene therapy is also an important research tool.

Homeopathic, alternative medicinal mesothelioma treatment options have helped to develop certain drugs that advance the body’s immune system aiding to counter mesothelioma. Detailed diet enhancements and metabolic therapy are also suggested by doctors. Methods for dieting including stress management, herbal remedies, exercise, a vegetarian diet or specific vitamins can provide additional benefits to a mesothelioma patient.

Mesothelioma treatment options for pain accompanying mesothelioma vary. A specialized form of care that alleviates pain and other symptoms could be palliative. Pharmacological therapy for pain treatment involves the use of drugs. Non-pharmacological therapies include therapeutic exercise and cognitive behavioral techniques such as deep breathing and muscle relaxation. More alternative approaches involve acupuncture and massage therapy.

A mesothelioma prognosis for most patients is that cure is usually not possible. A mesothelioma diagnosis is in terms of how early treatment is considered. High-risk groups such as navy veterans and construction workers should partake in frequent check-ups to monitor any conditions that could lead to mesothelioma. A mesothelioma cancer diagnosis is fatal and early diagnosis and treatment can prolong a victim’s life for up to two years. Unfortunately, the mortality rate is usually 100% within five years.