Military Occupational Hazards, Part II: Sources of Assistance for Veterans with Mesothelioma

This two-part series explores one of the most common occupational hazards associated with the U.S. military—asbestos—and mesothelioma, the most serious of its potential consequences. In part two, we will examine various types and sources of assistance available to veterans suffering from mesothelioma.

Many different types of help are available to veterans with mesothelioma—financial and otherwise. After receiving a diagnosis of meso or another asbestos-related illness, one of the most important steps to take is looking into all of the various options that are available to assist you with medical expenses, housing and more.

One of the first places that the thousands of veterans affected by asbestos-related illnesses can turn is the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs—a federal organization created with the sole purpose of offering help and support to U.S. veterans and their families. General VA benefits range from tuition assistance, help getting a down payment to purchase a home and job training and placement. While some of these services may not be of much benefit to victims of mesothelioma cancer, others—like health care coverage and housing assistance—may be especially helpful for veterans who are struggling with the high cost of medical treatment and care.

The government operates VA hospitals and treatment facilities all over the U.S., where veterans with mesothelioma may travel to receive medical care. Many individuals must travel long distances or make frequent trips in order to take advantage of these available services. For that reason, the VA also offers transportation services to veterans who are currently receiving mesothelioma treatment at a VA treatment center.

Veterans who were injured during their time of service—such as those harmed by exposure to asbestos—are also eligible for disability pay and other types of living subsidies. Additional forms of financial assistance are available to the families and dependents of asbestos-injured vets.

Another important source of assistance available to veterans with mesothelioma is a law firm that is experienced in handling cases of military-related asbestos injury. Most firms offer free consultations to veterans and can provide comprehensive legal advice and guidance.

Through representation attained via an experienced attorney, those injured by asbestos while enrolled in the U.S. military can file a lawsuit against the asbestos manufacturers or installers who negligently caused their deadly exposure. Settlements in personal injury claims related to asbestos injury can easily reach into the millions—providing enough monetary assistance to cover any medical and additional incurred expenses that may result from treatment and other related needs.

Finding a lawyer and pursuing a claim against the parties responsible for their exposure is one of the most effective steps that veterans with mesothelioma can take towards securing both their and their families’ financial future. Lastly, be aware that no time should be wasted in taking legal action, because state statutes do limit the window for eligible claims to be filed.