Where Can I Find Mesothelioma Legal Advice?

If you are in need of mesothelioma legal advice, the best place to look is straight from the horse’s mouth. While it may not be the most flattering expression, the well-illustrated point is that an attorney is the best source for legal advice—bar none. Only by consulting with a qualified attorney can you get personalized guidance and answers to all of your most important questions.

Be sure to find an experienced attorney for mesothelioma legal advice—someone with several years of experience and a strong case history.

To get you thinking about some things you may want to find out from your potential attorney during an in-person consultation, here are five common Q-and-As about mesothelioma litigation:

Common Legal Question 1:

How long does it take to file a meso lawsuit?

Answer: The exact timeline will vary from case to case, but most last about a year or year-and-a-half. It takes that long for all of the appropriate paperwork to be filed and all necessary exchanges to be made between parties (a process called discovery), in addition to time spent negotiating a settlement. Cases that do not settle out of court can take longer, but trials in mesothelioma cases are strictly regulated by time constraints intended to protect claimant rights. When consulting with an attorney for mesothelioma legal advice, be sure to ask what a reasonable timeline for your case would be.

Common Legal Question 2: How much will I get in an asbestos settlement?

Answer: Again, this is an impossible prediction to make with any accuracy. Settlement amounts can vary dramatically. On average, claimants receive between one and two million dollars—though those numbers can easily reach the double-digits. Ask your attorney how much would be a reasonable sum to expect in your individual case.

Common Legal Question 3: How much will retaining an attorney cost me?

Answer: In mesothelioma cases, lawyers work on what is called a contingency basis. Literally, this means that the attorney’s fees are contingent upon their success in either winning at trial or negotiating an acceptable settlement. As such, the contingency fee is only collected upon finalization of your case and is generally taken as a portion of your award. Contingency fees can vary from one attorney to the next but usually fall in the 30-40 percent range. These fees are sometimes negotiable. When soliciting mesothelioma legal advice, be sure to ask the firm you are consulting with for fee information specific to their attorneys.

Common Legal Question 4: Where can I find an attorney?

Answer: Ask friends and former colleagues—consider joining a meso support group and ask members for their recommendations. Do research on local firms via the Internet. Talk to a victim’s assistance organization, like the National Mesothelioma Foundation, and ask where to find an attorney in your area.

Common Legal Question 5: When should I file?

Answer: As soon as possible—statutes of limitations in each state impose limits on how long you have to take legal action following diagnosis.