Mesothelioma Diagnosis and Your Asbestos Legal Options

Asbestos legal advice is something everyone with a diagnosis of mesothelioma should consider. Unfortunately, there are some things you can’t see that can be deadly. The tiny killer of asbestos fibers is virtually invisible, yet absolutely lethal. Approximately 300 people succumb each day from environmental or occupational asbestos-related diseases.

Scientific studies have confirmed for over a century that asbestos exposure causes incurable diseases. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, World Health Organization, International Labor Organization, and Surgeon General all acknowledge that asbestos is a deadly carcinogen for which no safe level of exposure exists. Mesothelioma victims are susceptible to many types of cancers as well as non-cancerous lung and pleural disorders.

Mesothelioma might be difficult to pronounce but scientists are having an even more difficult time trying to cure it. Known as a perfect solution to many industrial and manufacturing issues, asbestos was called the magic mineral and was placed in many navy vessels as well as every day homes and products. Most that called it magical had no idea it was also a deadly dust. Many asbestos-related diseases are misdiagnosed and therefore under-reported because they mimic the symptoms of many common illnesses. This is intensified because of the latency period of 10–50 years for symptoms to occur. In many cases, late-stage diagnosis often limits treatment options for victims. Many will receive a mesothelioma prognosis of only 6–12 months after diagnosis and during that time, patients will endure a lingering and painful death.

Faced with passing away, many families have no idea what to do. Feelings of heartache, separation anxiety and anger will all be prevalent. You might ask what your family is going to be able to accomplish. What needs to be done? What have other people done when faced with similar asbestos problems? Asbestos legal advice from a quality mesothelioma law firm is very important for victims. You should seek out an asbestos attorney that has an accredited record of successful settlements and lawsuits representing victims of asbestos exposure.

No Longer a Magic Mineral – Asbestos is a Deadly Dust

After decades of research and science, it has been proven that all six types of asbestos fibers – actinolite, amosite, anthophyllite chrysotile, crocidolite and tremolite are all carcinogenic. They have been deemed illegal in 55 countries and unbelievably, the United States is not among them. It is still in use in many countries as an imported and exported material for various industries around the world. It is invisible to the naked eye as the fibers can be 700 times smaller than human hair and remain moving in the air for days. A mesothelioma lawyer will be aware of these details and could help you to determine your point of contact. Their asbestos legal advice will also allow you to decide how you want to move forward with either filing a lawsuit or seeking a settlement from the company or manufacturers responsible for you or your loved one’s exposure.