Mesothelioma Survival Rate - What You Should Know

Once you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you will ask many questions including, “What is the mesothelioma survival rate?” Unfortunately, this type of cancer is incurable. The main reason is because detection can take up to 50 years to solidify. By this time, the disease is in an advanced stage and little can be done to cure it.

There are chances at prolonging your life with the use of appropriate therapies after a diagnosis of mesothelioma. Research suggests that a multi-modality treatment approach has helped to prolong the lives of many victims of asbestos-related illnesses. Some research has shown that an aggressive approach to multiple therapies is the best option for some patients to increase their mesothelioma survival rate. A blend of chemotherapy administered before surgery to remove a lung, known as extapleural pneumonectomy, will increase average survival times by up to two years.

In terms of mesothelioma life expectancy, new research published in 2009 by the International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health, suggests that the best indicator of life expectancy is a decrease in lung function due to an asbestos-related illness. With this information, you want to make sure that your medical professional is providing you with regular screenings with a spirometer which measures the amount of air being inhaled and exhaled. This indicator has become a critical factor in helping predict a mesothelioma survival rate on an individual basis.

An important thing to keep in mind is recognizing or remembering where your point of exposure was. If you worked in an industry, such as the armed forces, construction or perhaps a shipyard, you were probably exposed there. It is important that you know that hundreds of mesothelioma victims have claimed millions and millions of dollars in settlements by filing suit against the companies that exposed them to asbestos. Because of the company’s negligence, you are now infected with a deadly cancer and the clock is ticking. Make sure you align yourself with an experienced and talented law firm who has won these types of cases before.

Another very important thing to figure out is how you will cope with this diagnosis. When anyone hears that the mesothelioma survival rate is not good, life changes entirely. Coping will be your best defense in the days to come. Your health care team should provide individuals to you that can offer support. Doctors, counselors, nurses, psychologists and other professionals can help you to think clearly and ensure you are making the right decisions. These individuals are very willing to help you so don’t hesitate to call on them when needed. There are support groups as well for victims of mesothelioma and many people take comfort in knowing they are not alone. There are also foundations who offer expert advice about the disease, your rights and what to expect. Remember that this is still your life and make sure you are taking the steps forward that are important to you.