Top Three Things to Look for in an Asbestos Law Firm

An asbestos law firm is one that specializes in civil cases involving asbestos exposure and its connected illnesses. Since the first asbestos lawsuit was filed in 1929, there have been thousands of cases that total more than 700,000 claimants. Experts have estimated the final sum of settlements in those and future cases to ultimately reach well over $200 billion dollars.

To this end, there are many attorneys that now specialize in the asbestos subsector of personal injury and accident law. It is important that anyone looking to hire an asbestos or mesothelioma law firm know what qualities to look for. All firms are not created equal, and you should seek out one that is experienced, effective and accessible.

Three of the most important things to look for in an asbestos law firm are:

1. They have represented a significant number of clients in personal injury lawsuits related to asbestos.

Asbestos and the diseases it causes make up a highly technical and specific field of civil law. Attorneys who base their practice around this field should be experienced and knowledgeable on both the science and legal issues that it involves. A good-quality asbestos law firm will have several attorneys on staff, and those attorneys should have at least 50 years of cumulative experience handling asbestos-related cases. Most firms will have junior associates – who are less experienced – but should also have senior partners who can share their wealth of knowledge.

The more your lawyer knows about mesothelioma and other related diseases, the better the chances he or she will be able to act as an effective advocate on your behalf. A truly top-notch firm may have 100 years or more of collective experience in handling cases like yours.

2. They have an excellent track record of proven results.

Just as you might read the reviews of a product before you buy it, you want to hire an asbestos law firm that has not only handled a large number of cases like yours but also been successful in their results. You can and should ask any attorney you are considering what kind of settlements his or her past clients have received, as well as how long it took to win those cases. This not only provides evidence of that attorney’s professional experience but also gives you an idea of what you might expect at the end of your experience with him or her.

3. They are able to be easily reached and are easy to communicate with.

It is important to have open and effective communication with any attorney you are hiring to represent your interests, regardless of the specific cause. Additionally, the majority of people who are filing asbestos-related lawsuits are sick and receiving medical treatment during the process; they need to be able to count on their lawyer not to add additional stress to their lives. Always make sure that you feel confident you will be able to work well with your asbestos law firm, prior to hiring them. They are now a part of your support team.