A Mesothelioma Lawyer - Find Legal Ground to Stand On

A mesothelioma lawyer has one goal in mind – to help you receive the compensation you so rightly deserve after receiving a deadly diagnosis. Compensation is the goal of most lawsuits but there is also a moral demand to send a message to the individuals or companies responsible for your exposure to asbestos. Potentially, you could recover damages for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering. On occasion, a judge will note gross negligence and award a plaintiff punitive damages.

Your mesothelioma lawyer will also tell you that you do not have to have mesothelioma to sue. You could have an asbestos-related illness and still be eligible to bring on an asbestos lawsuit. Many of these lawsuits have served a higher purpose in that they have brought a spotlight to the dangers of asbestos and forced lawmakers and employers to act. With the number of cases of mesothelioma at 3000 per year in the United States, the number of asbestos law firms with a dedicated mesothelioma lawyer has increased drastically. Also, more doctors and patients are becoming aware of the damage asbestos exposure can cause and they are both recognizing symptoms that have presented as small inconveniences before they develop into later stage mesothelioma symptoms.

Historically, asbestos manufacturers were aware way before the medical community that asbestos was associated with deadly illness in their workers. Working harder to hide the information from their workforce rather than trying to find a replacement for the fiber, many companies and manufacturers knew the consequences of their choices – some for 50 years or more.

In 1977, a lawyer representing a client with asbestosis exposed communication with the approval to withhold information from the public regarding an asbestos manufacturer to a distributor. Blatant negligence for the well-being of employees is inexcusable. This revelation has brought on an onset of asbestos litigation and your mesothelioma lawyer should be consulted to see if you qualify for compensation as well.