Living with Mesothelioma: Asbestos Law Help for Victims

A diagnosis of mesothelioma is an irrevocably life-changing event-one that alters not only your day-to-day experiences but the entire scope of your future as well. Receiving such news frequently produces an initial state of shock that some patients describe as an out-of-body experience or the feeling of being frozen. This very common reaction is identified as the initial stage of the grieving process. It is a normal and even healthy response to emotional trauma and can serve a psychologically protective role, giving your brain and body time to absorb and process a difficult reality.

A big part of processing this new reality is learning how to adapt and move forward. For victims of mesothelioma, the adjustment timeframe allotted is generally quite limited; but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of it. Many mesothelioma victims find that knowledge is one of the most empowering tools available to them. By learning what to expect and how to best manage your disease, you can begin to move forward in living with mesothelioma.

This six-part series is dedicated to educating victims of mesothelioma about their disease and its relationship to asbestos, as well as their legal rights and various options for fair compensation. Additional Information and counsel is available at no cost by contacting the national trial attorneys of Shrader Law and Associates, LLP.


Getting Quality Legal Advice

When it comes to navigating the complex world of asbestos law, help from a qualified legal professional is a necessity. While some other areas of litigation may be considered palpable enough for pro se (or self-) representation, toxic torts are not one of them. And claims involving asbestos exposure tend to be particularly convoluted, with multiple highly scientific and technical aspects that require the knowledge and experience of an attorney that specializes in this specific type of personal injury.

Before you take the first steps in actually filing a mesothelioma lawsuit, you will likely want to solicit legal advice about your prospective case. It is important to make sure that this guidance is coming from a qualified legal professional-someone with verifiable credentials and a reputable practice that routinely handles cases similar to yours. Most attorneys and firms that practice asbestos law help potential clients understand their options, while also gathering basic information about the case, through a free initial consultation meeting.

Selecting a Lawyer to Represent Your Interests

When choosing a mesothelioma lawyer to handle your case, you’ll want to be sure and do some research before meeting with any potential representative. Ideally, you’ll want to find an attorney with several years of experience in asbestos law. Help with finding qualified candidates can come in the form of personal referrals from former co-workers or fellow victims that you meet in a support group. You can also do some research online-but beware that many firms will make boastful claims on their websites, or in commercials and other advertisements, that you must verify in your own as well.

Remember that years of practice experience and degree of knowledge in issues related to asbestos exposure and related liability, as well as the medical science behind mesothelioma and other relative illness, are the most important factors to consider when choosing an attorney. Other things to think about include: ease and reliability of communication, compatibility of demeanor and rate of contingency fee.