An Asbestos Law Firm Can Secure Veteran Rights to Compensation

It is a fact that, amongst U.S. veterans that served between the 1930s and 1970s, mesothelioma rates are disturbingly high. In detail, today’s vets make up about 30 percent of all diagnosed cases. That’s as many as 1000 veterans diagnosed with a rare, aggressive and terminal cancer each year. Sadly, many of these victims survived combat – sometimes through multiple deployments – only to be fatally wounded back on domestic soil by toxic asbestos exposure.

Fortunately, for those injured, legal recourse is possible in the form of a lawsuit against those who caused the legally responsible exposure.

Occupational Exposure in the Military, PART II

In Part II of our series, we’ll explain how a law firm that specializes in asbestos-related injury cases can help mesothelioma-affected veterans get the legal compensation they deserve.

For veterans that have been injured by occupational contact with asbestos, a law firm specializing in litigation related to mesothelioma and other related illnesses can help. By filing a mesothelioma claim, injured vets may be able to recoup some of their financial losses and also receive compensatory damages for illness and suffering. In this capacity, obtaining the counsel and representation of an experienced attorney is invaluable.

There are two basic ways in which an asbestos law firm can help veterans to receive legal compensation. One is by settling a lawsuit out of court and collecting damages directly from the defendant(s) in the case. The second is by winning an award at trial, after effectively proving the claim to a judge or jury.

The average asbestos settlement typically ranges between one and 1.5 million dollars, depending on factors related to the duration and severity of the claimant’s illness, value of medical debt incurred and degree of negligence provable on part of the defendant(s) in the case. Whether the claim names one or multiple liable parties (or, defendants) – and if so, how many – also plays a role in the amount of the final settlement.

The asbestos law firm hired to represent the claimant will handle all negotiations with the other side in attempting to reach a settlement amount. If no settlement is attained, then the two parties proceed to court. In these cases, it is the job of the claimant’s attorney to effectively prove that the defendant(s) did negligently cause exposure to asbestos that – with reasonable likelihood – caused the illness affecting the claimant.

To prove such a case, the lawyer for the claimant will need to have considerable experience and knowledge regarding asbestos-related illnesses, manners of exposure and mechanisms of internal injury by asbestos. For this reason, it is important for injured veterans to choose not just a competent personal injury attorney, but one who represents a known and reputable asbestos law firm – specializing in toxic tort cases including those involving victims of mesothelioma and other such asbestos-caused conditions.