Asbestos Exposure Lawyer and Nutrition are Important to Mesothelioma Victims

Thousands of people each year are diagnosed with mesothelioma. This rare form of cancer is particularly devastating because most victims have presented symptoms of the disease for decades but they were misdiagnosed as common cold or flu-like ailments. As with any cancer, early detection is the key to surviving the longest and misdiagnosis usually means most patients are diagnosed in a late stage of the cancer. An asbestos exposure lawyer can help you with the legal process but it is also important to understand that nutrition will play a big role in nourishing your body to help maintain a strong immune system.

In this month’s blogs you will find nutrition tips for the three main therapies for mesothelioma: chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. You will also learn how fats, carbohydrates, proteins and more can help you build up your immune system when consumed in proper proportions. You will also learn food and safety guidelines you should follow during treatment and nutrition tips for patients with advanced cancer.

Nutrition is an important part of a mesothelioma cancer treatment. Eating well during treatments will help you regain your strength, keep up your weight, decrease your risk of infection, heal and recover more quickly, better tolerate the side effects of treatment and generally make you feel better. This month’s blogs will focus on topics to help you embrace nutrition as a weapon in your defense against the cancer.

As with any diet, consult your physician to make sure you are following the best nutrition plan for your particular mesothelioma cancer diagnosis and mesothelioma treatment. Make sure your caregivers are aware of the optimal nutrition plan for you as well.

An experienced asbestos exposure lawyer can expedite your legal procedures. Patients contact a mesothelioma specialist after diagnosis and it is also essential that you contact an attorney immediately to discuss your case. Permit them to fight for what you are entitled to while you focus on becoming healthier. The process to maintaining health will require monetary funds and your financial future may depend on the compensation your lawyer can obtain for you.

That being said, it is still important to pay attention to your nutrition after a mesothelioma diagnosis. Many patients will undergo chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or a combination of the three. Each treatment will require time away from your asbestos exposure lawyer, so make sure you take care of the upfront details first. After treatment, you will learn that whatever options your doctors have selected for you can have significant effects on your nutrition. Here are 5 tips for nutrition after mesothelioma treatment:

– Side effects of chemo – Eat food that’s tasty. Chemotherapy is known to affect the taste buds by making certain foods taste metallic. If some meats are hard to eat, experiment with other proteins such fish, beans or eggs.

– Use food to aid with constipation – Another side effect of chemo, constipation, can be a direct result of dehydration and lack of exercise. Include fiber, liquids and short walks in your routine.

– Maintaining weight – Many cancer patients lose significant weight during treatments. Eat healthy foods but don’t be afraid to indulge a little if your caloric intake from normal food has decreased.

– Increase your appetite – Treatments will definitely affect your appetite. Try snacking on hot cereals such as oatmeal or grits or eat toast with peanut butter. Soups and yogurt are nutrient rich foods as well.

– Write daily in a food diary – Keep track of what you eat. You might be surprised at the lack of calories or liquids you are taking in and it could motivate you to eat and hydrate better.