Mesothelioma Legal Advice - Experts Who Know the Law

This month we will cover two sides of mesothelioma: the legal elements and the medical elements. Each side of this disease can be heavily daunting. One side of the coin gives you a diagnosis that in a large majority of the cases is fatal within 2 years. There are many obstacles to cover to prolong life and protect and preserve the quality of life that remains. The other side of the coin represents the law and the illegal exposure to asbestos that was the cause of your deadly illness. Most will want to legally pursue options to hold the parties of this exposure responsible and go after monetary compensation.

Your first inclination about asbestos-related illness will come from a medical diagnosis. Most people are devastated and do not know exactly where to begin. Finding a medical professional or specialist near you will be your first priority. Your next priority will be understanding the legal implications of the negligence of others afflicting you with a deadly disease and you will want to take legal recourse.

Both sides of this coin represent a battle – each with specific steps and understandings you must comprehend and master in order to win the war. This months’ blogs will help to empower you with information to cover both fronts.

Around 3000 people are diagnosed each year with mesothelioma. Mesothelioma legal advice is one step in the process to ensure the parties responsible for your illegal asbestos exposure are held accountable for the damage now present inyour health. There are several legal options existing for patients searching for compensation. Most settlements or judgments include ample amounts to help with lost income, medical costs, loss of potential earnings and/or employment, monies associated with rehabilitation, emotional distress, pain and suffering, punitive damages, end of life expenses and more.

While every case is different, an experienced mesothelioma lawyer can define what types of compensation you may be entitled to based on:

  • How you were exposed
  • Timelines when you were exposed
  • The parties responsible for your exposure
  • What injuries you suffered – or continue to suffer
  • Your state laws and regulation for compensation

A good asbestos law firm will provide you with mesothelioma legal advice on the numerous programs, agencies, funds and help which should be available to you. Mesothelioma and Navy veterans have a combined past, so Veterans Administration benefits will be available to you. You could also qualify for Social Security disability benefits, workers’ compensation and more.

Most mesothelioma legal advice will lead a claimant in two directions when seeking compensation: a personal injury claim or a wrongful death claim. Normally, personal injury claims are filed by the victim of mesothelioma or an asbestos-related illness. When a victim has already died from mesothelioma, asbestosis or another asbestos-related disease, a wrongful death claim is normally filed on behalf of surviving family members.