For Veterans: Health Benefits and VA Treatment for Mesothelioma in Veterans

Over the next several weeks, we’ll explore some of the key topics of interest for veterans of the military regarding exposure to asbestos and the possible consequences to their health and finances that can result from the exposure.

Veterans at risk for potentially fatal levels of asbestos exposure typically are those who served between the years of the First World War and Vietnam. Those individuals were not made aware of the risks to their well being at their time of service, and some may not even be aware of them now. The purpose of these next several articles is to educate and inform those who may have been affected by toxic levels of asbestos about their medical, legal and financial options in the years following exposure.

More information about the risks and consequences of asbestos exposure for veterans of the U.S. Military, including a free consultation of your possible case against those responsible for exposing you to a known dangerous carcinogen, you can contact Shrader Law and Associates, LLP directly anytime of the day TOLL-FREE at 1-877-637-6347.

PART X: Health Benefits and VA Treatment for Mesothelioma in Veterans

In our last installment, we covered the most important thing to know about treating mesothelioma for veterans of the U.S. Navy. It should, of course, be noted that although the U.S. Navy has the highest rates of mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses by far, other military branches-including the army, coastguard and air force-have also experienced considerably higher rates of lung cancers and other such illnesses in comparison to the general population. The following information is intended for all U.S. Military Vets affected, or potentially affected, by asbestos exposure while in the service.

Getting Approved for Health Benefits through the Department of Veteran Affairs

As previously mentioned in Section XI, after being diagnosed with mesothelioma, veterans must act quickly to apply for benefits. The approval process is somewhat complex-requiring proof of many factors, including service enrollment records, a confirmed diagnostic report, etc.-and certainly doesn’t happen overnight. Because it is of vital importance that victims begin mesothelioma treatment as soon as possible faster the cancer is detected, waiting for bureaucratic hold-ups isn’t very feasible. To expedite the application process, veterans are encouraged to enlist the assistance of their chosen attorney and also to compile all necessary paperwork on their end in a highly expedited manner.

What’s Covered by VA-Provided Health Benefits for Mesothelioma in Veterans

Once approved for VA healthcare benefits, vets can begin the treatment process rather quickly by selecting a physician within the VA network and choosing a location for treatment. VA hospitals and medical centers, fortunately, are located all over the country. Still, some travel may be required when receiving treatment, and the VA also offers benefit programs established to help pay travel expenses for both patients and their families.