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In-Home Treatments for Concussions

Concussions can result in debilitating symptoms. If you are injured in a sports-related activity and think you have a concussion, seeking medical treatment from a qualified health care provider is important. However, there are treatments you can use in your home that do not require professional medical attention.

Here are a few in-home treatments for mild concussions:

  1. Rest. The most important remedy for treating a concussion is rest. This includes both physical and cognitive rest. After a concussion, you should get as much sleep as possible and avoid doing things like strenuous exercises, vigorous movements, or physical exertion. You should also avoid watching TV, playing video games, reading, using a computer, or texting. However, once you are able to do these physical and cognitive activities without experiencing symptoms, you may be able to start increasing them gradually.
  2. Medication. Over-the-counter medication may help to decrease pain caused by mild concussions. However, you should avoid ibuprofen, aspirin, Motrin IB, Advil, and other types of medication that could increase the risk of bleeding and other severe conditions. Pain relievers that contain acetaminophen, including Tylenol, are safer and can help decrease the painful symptoms of a concussion.
  3. Recovery. After you have rested and taken necessary medication, you may start to feel better and more alert. However, even when you begin taking part in increased activities, it is important to monitor your symptoms and stop doing anything that causes pain or other symptoms. You may start some cognitive exercises like reading or schoolwork, and then begin participating in physical activities like walking and riding a stationary bike. Keep a close eye on your symptoms, and return to resting if any of these activities worsen your physical or cognitive health.

The Importance of Seeing a Doctor

While these in-home treatment procedures can help with minor concussions and headaches, it is important to see a doctor whenever you sustain a head injury. A physician can help determine if there are any underlying medical conditions that resulted from the impact to your brain. Especially if the concussion is more severe, you may need to stay in a hospital, or at least receive intense medical care. Even for minor concussions, a physician can give you a doctor’s note to allow you to take time off of school and other activities so you can recuperate. Many schools also offer disability services and modified academic programs for students who have suffered short-term injuries like concussions and broken bones.

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