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The Dangers of Talcum in Baby Powder

When you purchase something for your baby, you expect that product to be adequately tested, carefully made, and generally safe to use on your little bundle of joy. Unfortunately, not all baby products are completely safe. One of the most popular, widely used baby products, baby powder, has in fact been discovered to contain talcum powder, which can be extremely harmful and may cause certain cancers.

For decades, parents everywhere have used baby powder to help keep babies dry and prevent diaper rashes and skin irritation. However, talcum powder, the most common form of talc, is a main ingredient in baby powder, which can be extremely dangerous—and deadly—when inhaled.

If you use or have used baby powder on your child, make sure you know the potential dangers associated with the product and discover what you can do to protect yourself against related asbestos exposure.

About Talc Exposure

Talcum powder, or talc, often contains asbestos, which can cause the development of many serious illnesses, several of which are lasting or even life-threatening. Both talc and asbestos are naturally occurring substances, and they are often found together. In other words, in places where talc is mined, it is very likely that asbestos was also harvested in the mix. While talc itself is dangerous, asbestos, a known carcinogen often found in talcum powder, also makes baby powder hazardous.

Talc is extremely dangerous and should be kept away from adults and babies, whose lungs are especially delicate and susceptible to damage. Babies who inhale the dangerous powder could choke, a danger first reported in the 1960s. Talcum powders were also linked to ovarian cancers after several women claimed to develop cancer after using Johnson’s baby powder products for feminine hygiene.

Once experts discovered the dangers related to talc use, they began testing products suspected to contain the hazardous contaminant. However, not all companies were willing to remove the deadly contaminant from their products, even after they learned of its link to cancer.

Talcum Powder in Baby Products

Johnson & Johnson, a well-known baby product manufacturer, became a household name for their widely used Johnson’s Baby Powder. Parents used Johnson’s powder to stop diaper rash in babies, and women often used it as a feminine hygiene product as well. Unfortunately, Johnson’s baby powder contains talc with a high concentration of asbestos, something the company knew about for decades, though they continued to produce and sell it.

Several individuals have since stepped forward with cases of mesothelioma, a common cancer associated with asbestos exposure. Mesothelioma affects the lungs and can be caused by the inhalation of asbestos fibers found in popular Johnson & Johnson baby powder products. Some studies have also linked the powder with certain ovarian cancers and other reproductive illnesses after prolonged exposure.

Most lawsuits involving Talcum powders have been filed by women who either inhaled baby powder for years while raising children and, as a result, developed mesothelioma, or those who used the powder themselves and developed ovarian cancer.

If you or someone you love developed cancer after regular use of Johnson baby powder, or another product containing talc, you may have a personal injury case. Our experienced personal injury attorneys can help you fight for your rights if you were harmed by a hazardous product, dangerous pharmaceutical, or other harmful consumer good. We are passionate about fighting for the rights of our clients and we want to help you get the justice you deserve.

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