Veterans & Asbestos Exposure

There are several different occupations that put workers at a higher risk of asbestos exposure, many of which were associated with the United States Armed Forces. Quite a few different branches of the Armed Forces served on vessels and in buildings constructed with asbestos, a deadly fibrous material known to cause mesothelioma lung cancer. Or, some veterans may have been exposed to the dangerous fibers while serving overseas. Whatever the cause, the serious risk to veterans has been acknowledged by several credible sources.

Data from The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs says numerous veterans now live with mesothelioma because thousands of those who served were exposed to asbestos while performing military duties. As a result, military veterans are among the highest at-risk groups for the development of mesothelioma.

Exposure in the Navy

Navy veterans are among the highest risk group for asbestos exposure among the Armed Forces. Nearly all ships built for the Navy between 1930 and 1970 contained asbestos or was built using some type of asbestos material. As a result, Navy veterans who worked in the shipyards or on ships were very likely exposed to asbestos for prolonged periods of time. Even though the most concentrated amounts of asbestos could be found in boiler rooms and other bellow-deck areas, the material was also used in pipes and flooring found in every part of Navy ships.

Asbestos Exposure for Army Veterans

Asbestos was used as a construction material all the way until the 1970’s, which means many Army buildings constructed before that period likely contained asbestos materials. As a result, many army veterans, and those who lived with them, likely inhaled asbestos fibers as those materials broke down over time.

Marines & Asbestos

Because Navy ships had such high concentrations of asbestos, anyone who stayed on those ships likely inhaled or ingested asbestos at one point or another. Marines often worked with the Navy and did serve on Navy ships throughout history. Marine veterans could also have been exposed to asbestos when in older camps or military buildings that were constructed with the dangerous material.

Exposure for Air Force Veterans

Navy ships weren’t the only things constructed with asbestos materials. Air Force planes were built using many different parts that contained asbestos fibers, including the engine and brakes. As a result, those who worked on Air Force planes or flew them were likely to have inhaled asbestos materials.

If you or someone you love served in the U.S. Armed Forces and developed mesothelioma, you may have an opportunity to seek compensation for your illness. Veterans from various branches of the Armed Forces have developed this rare, deadly cancer as a result of their military duties, and it is our job to help make sure their service is honored and recognized. If you have mesothelioma, let our attorneys begin your case today.

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