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5 High-Risk Professions During COVID-19

a woman with a mask getting onto a busThere is no doubt that some workers are at a much greater risk of contracting COVID-19 in the workplace than others.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has compiled a list of professions and ranked them from highest to lowest risk during the pandemic. We discuss some of these professions below.

#1. Healthcare Workers

Perhaps the most dangerous profession during the COVID-19 pandemic is a healthcare worker. Arguably, these workers come into contact with COVID-19 patients more than anyone else. As such, their risk for contracting the virus is astronomical.

OSHA has ranked healthcare workers in the “very high exposure risk” category.

#2. Medical Transport Services

Only slightly less dangerous than working in direct patient care is working in medical transport services. This includes individuals who transport medical supplies, provide mortuary support, and more.

OSHA has ranked medical transport services workers in the “high exposure risk” category.

#3. Federal Workers

Federal workers are in a broad category of individuals who often come into contact with the public. These include first responders, law enforcement officers, public health officials, and more.

While these workers may not be dealing with sick patients directly, the large number of people they interact with on a daily basis puts them at a greater risk of COVID-19 exposure.

OSHA has ranked federal workers in the “medium exposure risk” category.

#4. Retail Workers and Restaurant Employees

Like federal workers, retail and restaurant employees may not deal with sick patients directly (that they are aware of), but they come into contact with a great many people every day. Such exposure puts these individuals at a much higher risk of COVID-19 exposure than those who work from home.

OSHA has ranked retail and restaurant employees in the “medium exposure risk” category.

#5. Beauty Professionals

While some states have banned professional beauty services during the pandemic, many other states have allowed them to remain open. Such work puts employees in dangerously close contact with their clients, particularly because they must use physical touch to style someone’s hair or do someone’s nails.

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