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Port Neches Chemical Plant Explosion Attorneys

Recover the Compensation You Deserve for Property Damage & Physical Injury Due to the Port Neches Explosion

Early on the morning of Nov. 27, 2019, residents of Port Neches, Texas felt their homes shake and break around them. When they investigated, they saw an orange glow in the sky. This eerie light was the aftermath of a chemical plant explosion that caused extensive damage across the city.

If you were affected by the Port Neches explosion, our team at Shrader & Associates L.L.P. may be able to help.

Widespread Damage

All over Port Neches, windows shattered, doors were knocked off their hinges, and ceilings buckled due to the pressure of the blast. Home-security footage shows a fireball lighting up the sky and shaking several structures.

While shattering glass and doors ripped from the hinges are obvious instances of damage, some homes may have been forced off their foundation due to the shockwave. Many homeowners were also encouraged to evacuate due to a chemical plume near the explosion site and may not yet understand the full extent of their property damage.

Once you have a chance to evaluate the damage to your home or business, call us at (877) 958-7920 and get started on rebuilding.

Chemical Plant Claims Line

The owner of the destroyed chemical plant, TPC Group, has opened a claims line for anyone whose property was damaged at (866) 601-5880. Many residents, however, report difficulty getting through to a claims adjuster.

Some property owners have returned to investigate damage while their families stay out of harm’s way. Many of those involved realize that this was a close call that could have caused serious injuries, but their efforts to rebuild will still be long and grueling.

Those who lost access to their homes and businesses will need to repair the damage as soon as possible. If their life or livelihood was affected, they simply will not have time to wait for an overcrowded claims line. While TCP is actively working on increasing call volume as of 1:05 p.m. on Nov. 27, they have yet to extinguish the blaze and have countless environmental consequences to address.

Unlike TCP, our attorneys are not distracted by other concerns and are 100% dedicated to pursuing justice on your behalf.

Streamline Your Recovery with Our Firm

If your home or business was affected by the explosion, we know how important it is for you to get back on your feet. Broken windows, destroyed doors, and damage to your foundation are not cheap, nor easy repairs for the average person. As such, TCP should take responsibility for these damages and compensate you right away.

While they may be able to delay your claim with an inadequate claims line, they will not be able to deny the full force of the law.

At Shrader & Associates, L.L.P., we believe you deserve compensation and we have extensive experience recovering financial awards from corporations like TCP.

We follow the tenets of versatility, reliability, determination, and attention, and simply won’t stop until you get what you deserve.

If you have any concerns whatsoever about property damage in the aftermath of the Port Neches explosion, get in touch today!

We are available to guide you through the legal process at (877) 958-7920 and offer free consultations to those wronged by irresponsible corporations. Call now!

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