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Deer Park Tank Fire Lawsuit Attorneys

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Several tanks in the Intercontinental Terminals Company chemical storage plant in Deer Park, TX exploded on March 17th, causing dangerous substances to leak into nearby air, land, and waterways. The incident also exposed residents to hazardous chemical inhalation as the tanks continued to burn for several days after the initial explosion.

A prominent chemical that has been identified as being released is benzene. It has been reported that the level of benzene in the air in and around Deer Park was three times greater than what the FDA considers to be safe for humans. Benzene is a component used in the manufacturing of many different products, including gasoline, plastics, dyes, and pesticides.\

Immediate symptoms of benzene exposure that have been seen in local residents include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle soreness
  • Vision problems
  • Respiratory issues such as sore throat, cough, and trouble breathing.

Long-term exposure to benzene can cause cancer and other issues that mainly affect blood and bone marrow.

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At Shrader & Associates, protecting the rights of those exposed to hazardous chemicals is one of our main areas of practice. We have represented victims of benzene exposure in the past and are prepared to do the same for the residents affected by this fire. Our past advocacy for those affected by benzene exposure has recovered millions of dollars in damages for our clients. The negligence of corporations at the expense of citizens should never go unchecked. Learn how Shrader & Associates can recover compensation for you if you were affected by the Intercontinental Terminals Company tank explosion.

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