Three Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Asbestos Cancer Attorney for Your Personal Injury Case

If you or someone you love has been affected by asbestos cancer, an attorney can you to recoup some of your financial loss and also hold the negligent party or parties who caused your illness responsible. In today’s bustling legal area, such specialized professionals are not necessarily difficult to find—simply watching television or even opening your mailbox is likely to introduce a few in your area.

But you should be wary of any mesothelioma law firm that attempts to solicit you directly or bombard you with overzealous advertisements. Neither necessarily counts as the mark of a quality firm. Instead, you should set out to speak to an asbestos cancer attorney from any firm that you are considering directly, in order to ascertain that he or she is the right representative for your case. Below are three important and comprehensive questions to ask when interviewing a potential lawyer intended to represent you in mesothelioma claims court.

Question Number 1: How many cases like mine have you handled, and what were the results?

A good asbestos cancer attorney will have at least five to ten years of experience in asbestos-specific litigation. You do not want someone who is fresh out of law school or who has been practicing criminal law exclusively for the past 20 years—neither will have the know-how and background to successfully represent you in the often sticky asbestos-injury arena.

A lawyer with ample experience should be able to tell you about clients that he or she has represented with cases similar to yours and should also be able to describe at least mostly successful outcomes for those comparative claims.

Question Number 2: Will you be handling my case yourself?

It is a very common practice amongst asbestos-injury firms to consult with potential clients, only to immediately afterwards turn around and hand their case off to another firm. While the initial consulting firm will receive a sort of “finder’s fee” for this service, it offers no benefit to the client himself and should be avoided by asking the attorney whom you are interviewing whether or not your case will be handled in-house.

Question Number 3: What are some potential outcomes that you can envision for my case, and are there any obvious detriments that may affect that outcome?

While no one can fully predict the outcome of your claim, an experienced and knowledgeable asbestos cancer attorney should be able to give you some idea of what to expect, based simply on what he or she has seen in the past with similar cases. Some specific information that you might ask for is the course of how your lawsuit will progress and also how long that process should take. Another good piece of information to request is what an expected settlement amount in your case might be.