Life After a Diagnosis of Mesothelioma: What Happens Next

From the moment you receive a diagnosis of mesothelioma, your life is guaranteed to change monumentally—socially, logistically and financially. In fact, just about every aspect of life as you know it will be affected in one way or another. The good news, however, is that even though it may not feel like it—life does go on. Even as you, the patient, come to terms with your own mortality, family and loved ones are preparing for the future and beginning to face the long-term consequences of terminal illness.

One of the first things that will happen post-diagnosis is the beginning of treatment. There are several different types of mesothelioma treatment available, and your doctor can help you decide which will be best for your particular diagnosis; mesothelioma is most commonly treated with chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or some combination of those three. Alternative and experimental treatment options are also available. Participating in a clinical trial for a new medication or other type of treatment is one of the most promising options available to mesothelioma victims.

While you are undergoing treatment, it is very important to maintain the most optimal physical health possible. This is especially challenging because of the harsh and sometimes debilitating side effects that are associated with the traditional treatments for mesothelioma. For instance, severe nausea and loss of appetite make it very difficult for patients receiving chemotherapy to eat healthfully and maintain their weight – and both are of vital importance for anyone fighting against mesothelioma cancer.

One of the most important aspects of maintaining your physical health and wellness is maintaining a positive perspective and keeping toxic stress to a minimum. It is a well-documented fact that stress can have seriously detrimental effects on both your physical and emotional wellbeing. While it is entirely understandable that a diagnosis of mesothelioma was easily the most stressful event of your life, medical experts recommend trying to manage that stress as effectively as you can, in order to help maintain your immune system and many other vital aspects of health.

Seeking the counsel of an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases related to asbestos is also highly recommended, as soon as possible after receiving a diagnosis of mesothelioma. If you haven’t already, now is the time to begin planning for a lawsuit against the business or businesses that profited while exposing you to a deadly carcinogen that has ultimately caused your terminal illness. The funds from a successful settlement can easily go a long way in covering your mounting medical expenditures and also help solidify your family members’ financial future, in the aftermath of your passing.

When you are living with mesothelioma, diagnosis is just the beginning. Try to go on with your plans, goals, hopes and dreams, as best you can. Remember – “mind over matter,” for this simple cliché has the powerful ability to change the state of your life.