Selecting an Asbestos Exposure Lawyer

If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related illness, be sure to consult with an asbestos exposure lawyer before you make any legal decisions concerning your future. A lawyer who is experienced in handling asbestos lawsuits can assist you in obtaining any monetary settlements that you are entitled to. Before you select an asbestos lawyer to represent you, perform some research on their experience. It might be a good idea to consult and compare a couple of law firms before making a final decision.

When you are determining which asbestos exposure lawyer to represent you, be sure to ask some key questions. The first question you should ask is how much experience do they have? Be sure to verify their credentials before making a decision. This can be done by online research including client feedback, testimonials and authoritative sites. Having a consultation with your prospective lawyer will also give you some insight into their background and success with cases such as yours. Like in other legal matters, you should select a lawyer who is both experienced and successful at winning asbestos legal matters for clients. In the end, their success rate in winning asbestos lawsuits is a strong indicator of how they might fare in your case.

Another question for a prospective asbestos exposure lawyer is will they be hands-on during your case? You will require a lawyer who will be very hands on and available to speak to you should you have a question about your lawsuit. An available lawyer should communicate with you during the duration of the case; this includes returning calls, e-mails and other correspondence in a timely fashion. If you are ill due to mesothelioma cancer, your lawyer should be willing to travel if you require a deposition or for other legal matters involving your case.

Be sure to also ask your asbestos exposure lawyer how their legal fees are handled. Most lawyers take on asbestos cases on a contingency basis. This means that the client doesn’t pay any legal fees until they receive monetary damages and if the client does not win the lawsuit, they are not responsible to compensate the law firm at all. If the lawyer is successful in winning the lawsuit on your behalf, the contingency fees are determined by the amount awarded. Be certain to get a clear understanding of this during your consultation.

Once you decide to hire an asbestos exposure lawyer, be sure that you take an active role with them on your case. The lawyer, of course, will perform most of the work regarding your lawsuit but you can do things like providing valuable information like work history, medical records and the names of doctors that have treated you in the past. This information will assist your lawyer in going forward with your asbestos lawsuit giving you the best chance at recovering monetary damages based on lost wages, medical damages as well as pain and suffering.