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Attorney Egdorf Discusses NCAA Concussions in Published Article

MRIAttorney Eugene Egdorf of Shrader & Associates was recently given the opportunity to attend the Sports Symposium, an annual event discussing the impact of the law on major topics in sports. Once again, the big topic involved concussions in football, and how they are impacting the realm of the National Football League. However, the biggest professional league in the world is not unique in its problem with head injuries, and the panel discussing the NCAA’s own issues with head injuries was certainly a highlight of the event.

Attorney Egdorf wrote about his experience and some of the major talking points from the symposium in an article for Sports Litigation Alert, a journal focusing on legal topics in sports.

Key Points from the Symposium

The keynote speakers at the NCAA panel included Oliver Luck, the NCAA’s Executive Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, and Dr. Robert Cantu and Chris Nowinski, the co-founders of the Concussion Legacy Foundation. The panelists brought up a number of key talking points, including:

  • Head trauma is not a new concern, with articles being written for “punch-drunk football players” as far back as the 1930s. The fact that it’s taken until recent years for significant resources to be invested into researching the impact of concussions on football players is remarkable.
  • The concussion problem is far worse with NCAA players than many people think. Boston University research found concussion damage in the brains of 138 of 151 former college football players, a 91% rate.
  • The fewer head contacts a player sustains, the less likely they are to sustain concussion or head trauma damage. Despite this known fact, only a select few programs have taken steps to reduce unnecessary head trauma by running non-contact practices. One such program, Dartmouth, eliminated practice contact, and has only suffered one concussion in the last three years. Meanwhile, several Oregon players sustained head injuries injured in high-contact offseason drills with no NCAA penalty against them.
  • The NCAA is perhaps guilty of fostering an environment which discourages self-reporting of possible head injuries. Harard PhD. Candidate Christine Bough found that 21 major head trauma events and six concussions went unreported for every concussion that was reported. This needs to change to improve player safety in the future, and coaches and training staffs must be proactive in removing potentially injured players.

Mr. Egdorf wrote “As one who has litigated against the NCAA for nearly a decade, I would certainly agree that the NCAA has a long way to go in protecting player health and safety. Even under the impending approval of the Arrington class action settlement, with baseline testing, no same-day return to play, etc., there are no rules limiting contact in practice as in the NFL, nor is there any real discipline or enforcement process.”

If you have a subscription to Sports Litigation Alert, you can read the full text of the article by clicking here.

If you are a former NCAA college football player and are suffering from the effects of repeated head trauma, you may be eligible for compensation. At Shrader & Associates, our skilled team, including Attorney Egdorf, have the experience you need to get the positive outcome to your case that you are seeking. We understand how immensely difficult life can be after sustaining repeated head trauma, and we are dedicated to fighting tirelessly for your best interests.

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