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What Type of Damages Could I Receive in a Dangerous Drug Lawsuit?

Not all medicine makes us better; in fact, some medications can actually worsen existing symptoms or create entirely new problems. If you or someone you know suffered serious side effects from a dangerous drug, you need to know your legal rights. Dangerous drugs can cause major, lasting damage, especially if you are on the medication for a prolonged period of time. While the nature of the side effects vary depending on the drug, some people have suffered heart problems, infections, excessive bleeding, muscle problems, loss of sight, stroke, and more.

If you are dealing with a dangerous drug case, you need to determine who is liable, and how. In order to build a successful case, you also need to consider what types of damages you could receive. Discover your rights in a dangerous drug case and discover what type of compensation you could receive in your pursuit of justice.

When dealing with pharmaceutical litigation, the injured party could pursue damages for the following:

  • Medical Expenses: Healthcare isn’t cheap, especially when you have to visit your doctor on a regular basis of ongoing treatment, or repeated treatments. Plus, if you’re visiting specialists or seeking second opinions for certain medical issues, you could be going outside of your insurance plan and paying out-of-pocket. Medical bills might also include the price of special medications, surgeries, physical therapy visits, transportation to and from appointments, emergency treatment, and more.
  • Loss of Wages: While you recover from your illness or injury, you probably won’t be able to work for some time. During the time you are out of work, you may receive a significantly lower wage, or no wage at all. If you are the main breadwinner in your family, the loss of your income could be even more consequential, adding stress to yourself and your spouse, as well as your children.
  • Special Accommodations: Depending on the nature of your injury, you may find yourself in need of specific modifications. For example, you may require a wheelchair, a specialized prosthetic, certain tools to help with your recovery, and so on. If your damage is permanent or lasting, you might also require a new vehicle, or you might need to make modifications to your home. For example, if you are now bound to a wheelchair, you might need a new car with space to hold the wheelchair, or you could require the use of a ramp for accessibility in your home.
  • Pain and Suffering: Each case is different, but in most dangerous drug cases, the damage sustained can be life-altering and painful. Some drugs might leave you with a new disease like diabetes, or they could lead to serious, frightening complications, like infections, amputations, heart failure, and so on. Even if these injuries don’t last, they can cause you a significant amount of physical pain, emotional anguish, and unnecessary stress.

If you were harmed by a dangerous drug, you could be eligible to receive monetary compensation from the liable party. Medical care can be expensive, and the loss of income and other added costs could significantly alter your way of life. If you experienced any of these losses after a negative side effect from a dangerous pharmaceutical drug, our firm can help you. Our experienced lawyers can explore your legal options, determine whether or not you have a case, and identify the liable party.

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