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Should the NCAA Pay Student-Athletes?

college football playersOne of the biggest debates in the sports world is whether or not collegiate student-athletes should be paid for their participation in sports. Sure, many do receive scholarships as part of their commitment to play sports for a school, but should payment also be considered?

Student-athletes are big money-makers for universities, providing a face to the team and helping with ticket sales. However, in turn, they put their body at risk of significant injuries and it’s important for the student-athletes to be taken care of after the fact.

Getting Medical Care After Their Collegiate Career

The effects of some injuries can last years—especially in the case of concussions caused by numerous head-to-head collisions. Unfortunately, fewer than two percent of collegiate athletes are able to go into a professional league, and despite the medical problems persisting, the athlete may not have a way to afford the care they need.

One of the benefits of providing student-athletes with some compensation can be to cover these expenses. Getting this medical care can be life-changing, and without it, many people experience significant health problems that may not get detected because the individual can’t afford it.

Seeking Compensation After a Concussion

Numerous sports put the athlete at risk of significant head injuries. In college football, many players suffer concussions that don’t receive proper protocol testing, and there are far too many instances in which the player is put back in the game without being cleared.

These athletes receive education, but they also put their bodies and minds on the line every time they stop on a field or court for a game. When they suffer significant injuries, they deserve to have the best possible care to avoid further harm.

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